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Fred Manby

Fred is interested in the development of methods in electronic structure theory, and in bringing those developments to commercial application. He was educated in the University of York (BSc and DPhil), and worked as a postdoc with Peter Knowles in Birmingham. He joined the University of Bristol as a Royal Society University Research Fellow in 2001, and was promoted to full professor in 2010. Particular areas that the Manby group have worked on include density fitting, explicit correlation, local correlation methods, and embedding. 

Tom Miller

Tom focuses on developing and applying computational methods for chemical processes ranging from catalysis, to battery technologies, to membrane protein biosynthesis. After completing his Ph.D. from Oxford University and a postdoc at UC Berkeley, he joined the faculty of the California Institute of Technology in 2008 and was promoted to full professor in 2013. He has created methods for chemical dynamics, embedding, and machine learning and has mentored numerous young scientists now working in academics and industry.

Entos would not be possible without the contributions of many skilled and dedicated theoretical chemists, including Peter Bygrave, Feizhi Ding, Thomas Dresselhaus, Fidel Batista-Romero, Alexander Buccheri, Callum Bungey, Sebastian Lee, Rocco Meli, Kaito Miyamoto, Casper Steinmann, Takashi Tsuchiya, Matthew Welborn, Timothy Wiles, and Zack Williams.  Please contact us if you would like to join our collaborative and growing team!

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